Independant political think-tank and youth formation center



Our founding statutes put it simply, "the Conférence Olivaint is an independent educational political center".

For the past 134 years, France's oldest student society has been offering students of all political affiliations the opportunity to build a bipartisan and humanist project. Centered on the main debates concerning French society, the Conference Olivaint also has a deep interest for the changing international scene. Each year, more and more students decide to join our association in order to express their interest in debating, in politics and in current and public affairs.

Each week, the association organizese a conference with a different public figure. Politicians, journalists, business people come to meet and debate with our members. Each meeting begins with various oral exercises.

Other main events include the annual symposium and field trips in France and abroad. Conférence members also meet for cultural activities, such as concerts or visits. Commissions are organized to allow for a focused reflection on specific topics.